Demo​(​n) 2014

by Bone Alley

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Miasmas: Conjurer of rifts, swollen tongues, abyssal tones, earthshifter


released May 19, 2014

All writing, instruments, and recording done by Miasmas

Mastering done by Andrew Marsh
Logo created by Joshua Toope
Guest vocals performed by Rebecca Sharr
Album art provided by Garrett Browne



all rights reserved


Bone Alley St. John'S, Newfoundland and Labrador

Bone Alley is an entity to explore human barbarism, abyssal oppression, macabre fetishes, and frantic desperation.

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Track Name: Drinking From Skulls, Your Sorrow And Ice
Submerged in orchestral twilight
Gowned in robes of moss and flesh
Tasting your numbing remoteness
Devour, dispirit

Atop this throne of soaked bones
I drink the spectral miasmas
From chalices, glistening and uncured
From horns not meant to be formed

Give unto me
Hypnosis funeral
Infertile fate

Skeletal fingers demonstrate their crooked gaze
Awkward and trembling
Sunken eyes speak whole etetnities
of discomfort

Crisp breathing from cold sorrow
So utterly faithful
Velvet skies drowning
All stability

Give unto me
Hypnosis funeral
Infertile fate

Feast on fire and snow
Sip the etheral skulls
Track Name: With Only But Noose About His Neck
Pierce further, mistreat, wreak havoc
My Body's a vessel, vile and impure
Skin crumbles as foul odor escapes
Brown hazes retreat to the sky
Souls yearning to to latch onto what once was
As desperate men choose to die

Embrace rejection, succumb to ill reason
Abberrant fixation with thoughts of no breath
Bombard wisdom, restraint into submission
Invoke chaos with clenched hands in the air
Rope splinters as sand spirals downward
And all before you transcends into a glare

Gazing, from mountains, the vibrant, salacious, sick sea and glutinous meadows
Dining on wine of rot, aged for all eternity, distilled from famine
Orchids dancing in alluring, cancerous death to please one another
Darkness feasting in graveyards known not even by time. Dimensions away from man

Through findings from ossuary crypts
I've come to know
The lustful spice of the macabre
And the joys of caked-on, dried blood
Track Name: Glorious Infertility
Dismal born, molten breath
Volcanic seduction, abysmal fusion
Crystal horns, poison scales
Sprouting from craters, prism piercing gaze
Firey upbringing, frozen voice
Cosmic majesty, no faith
Dominance absolute, Earth subdued
Plague of eternity, Dimensions bound and gagged

Invert all prayers in unholy insemination
Swallow the lucid, befouled seed
Embrace unspoiled, menstrual masturbation
Initiate archaic, toxic deeds

Drain them of life, devouring offspring
Deprive one of any human right
Bask in the glory of burning depression
Praising the glorious infertility

Bring to life in ill impregnantion
Sworn to suck the sensual serpent's tongue
Slit the throat of heavenly abomination
Let the blood stain the ivory altar

Surfacing the sonless..the born, laid on the altar
Reveal the sign of aeons stained
Surfacing the sonless..the laspse that blinds, every ceremony
Stories of bloodlust, how they sing oh AH HAH HAH HAH
gather unholy soldiers, burn
defying the essence, they fought to get this far
Stories of bloodlust, how they sing
Burn these stories made of dung

Invert all prayers in unholy insemination
Swallow the lucid, befouled seed
Embrace unspoiled, menstrual masterbation
Initiate archaic, toxic deeds

Here we lie when all hope is gone
Feeling tired, praying joy for none